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Welcome to my blog. 

Quick Portrait

August 16, 2018

   I really should be adding to my blog more often but often life gets in the way, and photography projects. But her I am again with a new entry, so I hope you enjoy it. 

   The other day, I met up with a new model in our area, Jennifer. We met at a photographer/model meeting and chatted about doing a photo session together. Well, we ended up at Harmony Square in Brantford and with camera in hand we ended up shooting for about an hour and a half. 
   She has great energy, and willing to be photographed in many different poses and has a huge range of emotions that she can give at a moments notice. I had such a great time with her that I asked her back for another couple of sessions and those came off great. 
   For those of you that want to know the camera settings, yes, flash in full daylight, dialed down about 1-1/3 stops. ISO 200 and f2.8. Hope to shoot more with Jennifer in the coming weeks. 

Commercial/Portrait lighting

October 29, 2015

My friend and marketeer extraordinaire, Ivan, asked me to pop over a couple of weeks back to do some shooting. So I went over with my studio strobes and softboxes in hand and set things up in his dining room. Gave him something that he hadn't done before. Hairlight. Up to this point, he had been using his strobes but basically one on either side. Altho it's not wrong to do so, but I thought I'd give him that little extra depth. 

So, in this case, what I have is a large softbox to camera left as the key light, a reflector on camera right to open up the shadows, and a small 24" softbox overhead to add that extra to her hair. Once shot, I brought the image into Lightroom where I set the White Balance and did some global color adjusting. From there, the image was brought into Photoshop where i wanted to get in deep to make some corrections. 

Since I wasn't fussy with the original background, I created a second layer and separated my model from it. Then I created a third and filled it with a better grey background. Then dragged the separated layer up overtop the new background and created a flattened layer. 

Now to work on the image. New layer called "Blemishes" where I went in to 100% and removed any blemishes or spots that were on the model or clothing. 

A new layer again where I adjusted the tone of her hair. 

Another layer to add sparkle to her eyes.

Then transferred the image back to Lightroom where I did a tweak on the Black Point,softened her skin and cropped the image a bit.



New and updated website

September 19, 2015

Welcome to my website. 

Its been a while since I've done anything here except send my clients and models to download their images. I'd like to thank Ivan Sutton for the chat we had the other night and help me in looking at increasing my presence as a photographer. Will it work? I'm gonna give it a try. 

For those that don't know me, I am primarily a Stock Image shooter. My images would go to an agency, a library if you will, and people all over the world can then purchase them at a nominal price to use in websites, pamphlets, magazines or advertisements. But I'm finding that it may not be quite enough to do just this, so I'm venturing out more into portraitures/headshots and commercial photography of which I'm done before but in a limited way.

This blog won't be just about me, but rather about photography how-tos and session highlights. So, thanks again for visiting and drop by again and see some of the things that I'll be posting. 

Getting a better look

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